Project Quality Policy

  • BPS Plumbing & Drainage Policy is Reflected in all aspects of the company's activities and operations for all works completed that invoice sewer main and storm water installation and management.
  • BPS Plumbing is fully committed to developing and maintain a culture of quality excellence throughout the organisation and recognizes the critical importance of providing quality product, services and information for the security of it's customers and employee, and the satisfaction of their needs.
  • The procedure for maintaining our quality slandered and described within the IMS to meet the civil contractors federation code of practice.
  • It is our objective to ensure complete customer satisfaction by providing suitable products meeting need the first time every time, on time and to continually improve in technology and efficiency, maintaining our positi
  • Our pursuit of this goal reinforced by our ongoing commitment to personal training, sub contractor assesment, product innovation and absolute dedication to customer services.
  • The responsibility and authority to maintain and improve the quality system, by administration and direction, is delegate to the operation manager who has full management support and the organization freedom to esure the implementaition and commitment to the quality policy is to the satisfaction of client and slanderd of all time.

Health & Safety Policy

  • BPS is committed to safeguarding the health, safety and welfare of it's employees as well as the people and property affeced by it's operation to reduce risk of accident or injury the company seeks to provide a work environment that as far as is resanable practicable, is safe adn preserve te health and welfare of those that worl within it and those that are affected by it's activites.
  • The company is committed to continously inprove it's stranded of health and safety throughour ir's operation to this end the board provides leadership in health and safety matters by engaging and training the workforce in the achievement of sage and healthy working condition and promoting best practices as far as is practicable.
  • The requirement of this policy are communicated to all employees through the company's heads of department and the mangagement of health and safety is promated through consulation and improvement. The health and safety policy is displayed at all the company sites and office and issuses to all new staff joining the company at induction.
  • It is the duty of manager to prevent injury and all health as far as is practicable and is is the duty of each employee to exercise personal responsible for their won health, safety and welfare as well as that of other people. Compliance with legal requirement should be adhere to at all times no breaches should be tolerated.
  • This policy will be reviewed periodically and amended as necessay to ensure that it remain relevant to the activities of the company and complies with current legislation and best practice.