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  • Sanitary & C.P. Fitting
  • Water Supply Pipe
  • Soil Waste & Drainage
  • Harvesting System
  • Storm Water Drainage
  • Sewerage Drainage
  • Pressuring Systematic
  • Hydrometric Plant
  • Water Filteration Plant
  • Sewerage Treatment Plant
  • Swimming Pool
  • Heating Plant
  • Solar Heating Systematic
  • Basement Drainage System

Fire Fighting

Hydrant System

  • Testing of all pipes
  • Connection of pipes to fire pumps & hydrant system.
  • Vertical and horizontal fire fighting Pipes and Fittings etc.
  • Installation of fire hose cabinet including all accessories.

Plant & Panel Work

  • Fire pumps & allied works
  • Diesel fire pumps
  • Training of clients staff etc.
  • Software system loading for Pressurize
  • Balancing, testing & Commissioning of the entire fire fighting system
  • Hand held Fire Extinguishing system

Sprinkler System

  • Vertical and horizontal fire fighting pipes and fittings etc.
  • Connection of pipes to fire pumps & sprinkler system
  • installation of sprinkler system


  • Work under this contract shall be carried out strictly in accordance with specifications attached with the tender.
  • Items not covered under these specifications due to any ambiguity or misprints, or additional works, the work shall be carried out as per specifications of the latest central public works department with latest amendments as applicable in the conttact.
  • The work shall be carried out strictly as specified in schedule of Quantities and Technical specifications. In case of any ambiguity, the details of particular item as given in schedule of quantities shall supersede the details in specifications.

Execution of work

  • The work shall be carried out in conformity with the plumbing drawings and within the requirements of architectural, HVAC, Structural and other specialized services drawings.
  • On award of the work, Contractor shall submit a programme of construction in the from of a pert chart or Bar Chart for approval of the Project Manager. All dates and time schedule agreed upon should be strictly adhered to . within the stipulated time of completion commissioning along with the specified phassing, if any.
  • Connection of pipes to fire pumps & sprinkler system

Civil Interior Drawings

Plumbing & Fire Civil Interior Drawings

  • Pluming Drawings are diagrammatic but shall be followed as closely as actual construction permits. Any deviations made shall be in Conformity with the Architectural and other services drawings.
  • Architectural drawings shall take precedence over fire fighting or other services drawings as to all demensions. All drawings supplied with the tender shall be returned in good conditions along with the tender. All drawing s/ sketches issued by the Architects/ Consultat for the works are the property of the Architects/ Consultant and shall not be lent, reproduced or on any works other that intended with out written permission of the architects/consultant.

Shop Drawings

The Contractor shall submit to the project manager six copies of the shop drawings. Shop drawings shall be submitted under following conditions:

  • Contractor shall prepare shop drawings of fire fighting system for the entire hotel within two weeks of the award of work. These drawings shall be submitted to the project manager for approval and the work shall be executed at site on the basis of these approved drawings.
  • Structural supports/hanging/laying & jointing details for all types of pipes as tequired fire fighting layout plant as required & for any changes in the layout of fire fighting architectural drawings.
  • Large scale drawings showing details for fire fighting systems.
  • Equipment layout, piping and wiring diagram.

As Built Drawings

The as built drawings must have the following information: The works as executed complete with

  • Pipes together with location of all external Hydrants and connections.
  • Locations, of Control Valve, Access Panels.
  • Location of all Mechanical equipment with whole plant layout, piping connections and panels as erected.
  • Details of supports left in place and locations of all services encountered.
  • Complete schematic diagram of the installation, as installed.

Inspection And Testing

For examination and testing of materials and works at the site company shall provide alla testing and Gauging equipment necessary to the followings:

  • Theodolit
  • Dumpy level
  • Stell Tapes
  • Weighing Machine
  • Plumb Bobs, Spirit Levels, Hammers
  • Micrometers
  • Themometers, Stoves
  • Hydraulic test Machine
  • Smoke test Machine
  • All such equipment shall be tested for calibration at any approved laboratory, if required by the project Manager.
  • All Testing Equipment Shall be preferably lacated in special room meant fo the purpose.

Quality Assurance


  • Co-ordination with AMC Vendors including third pary contractors.
  • Budgeting and estimation
  • Training
  • MIS/Reporting
  • 24/7 Support from Our technical team

Plumbing Installation

  • Ensuring adequate water in the overhead tanks for use.
  • Cleaning of tanks at periodica intervals
  • Operation & Maintenance of water treatment plants.
  • Sourcing water when needed and testing the same for quality.
  • Check for leakages in the pipes